Fill Your Beak with Fish and Songs

Playing around with some collage ideas.


New Proverbs #1: Having found yourself balanced between order and disorder, fill your beak with fish and songs.

Proverbs - fill your beak with fish and songs



New Proverb #2: The wave will always break against the rock. Be the the rock and not the wave.



New Proverb #3: Intelligence names the plight. Wisdom knows the time of day.

Teddy's Field


There are times, for me, when I create with real intentionality, making theme-driven work to explore specific ideas. This is especially true in writing, but can be true in collage art and other areas too. But there are other times when the creation happens first and only afterwards do I step back and ask what it means.

These proverbs are a first-step attempt at playing in a middle ground, somewhere in between — a way of admixture, tweaking the process by tossing new ideas at the art while it’s still fresh and seeing what a proverbial caption might do to generate a sort of dualistic text to then try to decipher.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ve read a little too much William Blake. I’m not trying to be extra serious here. But…then again…the best advice out there might be in the maxims we create ourselves out of the fabric of the day-to-day. Blake made whole books of poetic maxims and proverbs and though he may have meant to convince the world to see things his way, he probably did a great job of building a code to live by in the process.


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