Post-Script – Michael Jackson

As a post-script to yesterday’s post about Michael Jackson, I thought I’d add one more point about how the King of Pop still endures as a cultural force.

If you expect that Wikipedia has a sizeable page dedicated to Michael Jackson, you are totally right. If you expect that you know all there is to know about Michael Jackson, I would offer you one case-in-point example of how much trivia a figure like this generates in his wake – and how telling those items of trivia can be. So, even if you know a lot, there is probably much more still left to find out.

When the 2014 release of “Love Never Felt So Good” from the Xscape (posthumous album) charted in the top ten, it made Michael Jackson “the first artist in history to have a top ten single in the Billboard Hot 100 in five different decades,” thus totally proving that this guy is not done yet.

He may not be alive anymore in the flesh, but Michael Jackson continues to influence the pop landscape.


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