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euclid's negatives

A Day in The Life and Death of Higgs Boson

Anonymity can be many things; cold and dark like the water running through the sewer systems of a decaying metroplex or warm and full of life like a mountain spring trickling down a meadow accompanied by the ambience of avionic chirping.  Circumstance and relativity seem to define anonymity as either good or bad, to contrast it as contentment or sorrowful.  The older I get, the more I think it’s very much in the eye of the beholder as most everything seems to be…

Higgs lifted up his notebook and looked out of his apartment window to the children playing on the basketball court; he was transfixed as they ran into each other and knocked each other down with little regard for anything but the game they were playing.  He looked on with joy as he watched the somewhat organized chaos, his…

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