Now Serving: Know Thyself T-Shirts

What does it mean to play with ideas? For an artist it usually means that new things will be made, virtually or actually. I’ve decided to strike the middle with some print-on-demand t-shirt designs. Though I am likely to be the only one sporting these shirts in 2013, that doesn’t mean I won’t spread the idea.

For now the shirts exist potentially, but soon they’ll exist physically.

Know Thyself T Shirts

This shirt features the phrase, “Know Thyself” in Greek. It is a famous adage and it is famously open to interpretation.

Joined with this graphic image that I have been working with for a while, there is a resonance of interpretations (I think). The image is at one time familiar and obscure. It seems like something, but you don’t know exactly what… For me, the Greek phrase works the same way.

I find that the phrase speaks to me almost as a spiritual mandate. Discover what you are (by exploring what is in you and finding out what can be pulled out). It is also, in this light, a mandate on creating art. For other people, the phrase means something entirely different.

Part of the creative impulse is the urge to satisfy a curiosity about the question of who/what we are and to do this by repeatedly evoking a latent self. There is a peeling back of the layers. There is a peering inside. You know what I mean?

The shirts are available at, for now, and may soon be available elsewhere. If you’d like to know more, just give a holler.

The New Light House Shirt


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