Anarty outing 28.09.12

The idea that places like this exist is…inspiring.


Today I think I visited the New Zealand Xanadu. It’s called Gibbs Farm and it’s a sculpture collection located in the Kaipara Harbour. You can only visit there with an appointment and it opens once a month for four hours only. My friend found out about it only because she saw a picture of one sculpture on the internet and tracked the farm down. EXCLUSIVE.

I can’t believe something like this exists in New Zealand not only because it has incredible sculptures over an immense piece of land but it has giraffes and zebras. You read correctly – giraffes, zebras, ostriches and lamas.

Anyway let’s get into the sculptures. This is the first amazing sculpture by Anish Kapoor called ‘Dismemberment, site one’, it looks like a cross between a trumpet and bouncy castle:



Then onto Bernar Venet who created ‘88.5 degrees ARC x8’ which looks like eight massive French fries…

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