Sagebrush Cafe Press: Printed Collage Series

The series has been continued…fourteen pieces in this printed collage series have been made so far, all of them available at Sagebrush Cafe (except for those which have already been sold, of course). The next step is to take a selection of the pieces and turn them into postcards. At least I think that is the next idea.

I like the premise and the picture of offering these collage works as postcards. It makes sense to me to go that route. The one worry I have is that, for a while, I’ll have five hundred postcards printed and pristine and kind of just sitting around at my house until they start selling at the cafe.

With a dozen images though, and some interest so far, the card set idea has some real appeal. That way the work becomes more affordable, more spread out, and the whole “plastic” idea of it can become a meta-plastic-idea: words + paper on one side and a little note written on the other side then sent in the mail…

The surface elements become encrusted with substance.

Actually, I don’t know if that phrase really makes a whole lot of sense, but I like it and I’m going with it.




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