Using Printed Images in Collage Work

These pieces are part of a series of collages I’ve been working on using quotes, made up phrases, index sheets/sheet music, etc. and printed images.

Each piece is an 8×10 that I frame in a simple acrylic (box style) frame and we’re offering them for sale at the cafe (Sagebrush Cafe). So far there has been some interest…just about enough to keep me making more pieces.

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This series, in part, is an exercise in exploring variety and repetition together. I suppose that is what most art series end up being about in a kind of simplified way. There is also an interest here in designing works of simplicity, motion and depth, which are (hopefully) interesting, affordable and decorative.

All the pieces use an image of flight, so far, and I may keep on in that vein. The act of flight is so powerful as a symbol, as a metaphor…depicting flight can be a way to evoke a dreamscape that we all share, where the bonds we bear fall away and we are free to be the thing that deep down we believe ourselves to be – lighter than air. Super-powered. Free.


4 thoughts on “Using Printed Images in Collage Work

  1. I think the hummingbird flying over the music is still there today. I’m 99% sure it is there as of right now. That’s your favorite one? There is a quote from Henry Miller on the bottom – one of my favorite quotes – “stand still like a hummingbird”. I like the idea behind that…

  2. Ah, even better with the quote, which I couldn’t quite make out I also really like the one of the standing bird over the mathematical table. Birds and music have personal meaning to me.

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