Euclid’s Negatives has gone live, will it go viral?

I don’t think I’ve actually ever used the term viral before, at least relating to an internet project. It’s just such a high-faluting term, yet there it is, atop this post. The term is high-faluting because to be viral on the internet is to be successful, usually very successful. So attaching even the idea of virality to a project I’m involved in seems funny and seems like an over-shot.

Then again, who doesn’t want their projects to succeed? This project is all about getting eyes on the project site (Euclid’s Negatives) so there should be no shying away from promoting it. I guess there isn’t, thus that word. Viral.

This project is double if not triple-experimental. We’re pairing photography and short fiction into single conversations, with much more photography per 100 words than you see most places. And we’re doing it for free, for exposure, for experience – to see what people think.

How do we find out what people think? The first step is getting people to look, to read, to see the beautiful and gritty pictures on Euclid’s Negatives. So we’re posting on Facebook, Brian K. Jones, Adam Chapman and myself, the “founders” of the project, and we’re tweeting and, now, blogging too.

We’re even on YouTube promoting the project:

The hope for this little double/triple experiment is for the conversation it represents to expand. Either it will expand one person’s thinking who takes a look at the project, leading to new thoughts about self-publishing, public collaboration, and the larger presentation of art (this is a good possibility, i think). Or Euclid’s Negatives will more literally expand the conversation it represents as more people get together to collaborate on submissions for the project.

Obviously, I’m encouraging everyone to take a look. See what you think. See what you end up taking away from a five or fifteen minute trip into an art gallery dedicated to pairing fiction and photography.

I know you’ll take away something worthwhile. I just can’t be sure exactly what that’ll be.


The mother page: Collaborative Dreams.

Info about Euclid’s Negatives and Failure of Theory.


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