I will always be a Blair Witch Fan

A long time ago I came across a documentary on television. The doc was source material for the Blair Witch Project. I thought thought it was a fake documentary made before the Blair Witch Project was released. I thought the Blair Witch People had ripped off someone else’s story and shot it in a less documentary style…Then last week I watched the special features on my copy of the Blair Witch Project and I discovered that the creators of the movie are just extra creative. They made the documentary too.

I had been duped. Like so many viewers of the inventive and thrilling original, I had been duped by the storytelling.

I thought that the hit movie was fictional and I thought that the documentary was also fictional, so don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t completely fooled into thinking that there were witches killing college students in rural Maryland or anything like that…

Anyway, in re-watching the film I found myself assessing the techniques of suspense that are so effectively used in the movie and I wrote a little article about it here.

I also began to compare and wonder what is the best first person POV horror/thriller movie of the last two decades. I think it comes down to Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. If I am going to be completely honest, I have to say that Paranormal Activity is better, but it does borrow a bit from Blair Witch.

The other candidates would be REC (Spanish Original) and Cloverfield. I know some don’t respect these films, but I give them props for being creative, suspenseful and just generally entertaining (without resorting to over-used conventions).

Just thinking out loud here. Once again.


2 thoughts on “I will always be a Blair Witch Fan

    1. Quarantine is a remake of REC, a Spanish film that apparently follows the same zombie story line. I saw REC and liked it.
      Sometimes the American remakes of foreign horror can be good. The RIng was an OK remake.

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