What can you do with a space bar?

Failure of Theory is a collaborative art series focusing on the shape-shifting idea of consciousness.  Paintings, fiction, sculpture and essays are included in this meta-gallery alongside animated video versions of each text.  

The artists participating on the project: Michael Jones, Adrienne Pike Adelphia, Jeremy Johnson, Diego Johnson and Eric M Martin.  

Failure of Theory

The gallery is arranged to match each artwork with a piece of writing. Animated version of each story are also included.


A little more about the project: The Fascination is Simple.

Consciousness. A strange concept. We don’t know the what, the where or the how of it, yet our lives rely on it. We heap so many assumptions on consciousness…a thing local and localizing yet nebulous and utterly abstract.

We believe in an idea of self, we are driven by a self notion, but we don’t really know how it works. Where is the consciousness in you taking place? Where is your self and what are its constituent parts? How does that most integral of abstractions come to believe in theories on life and death, and the nature of its own existence?

The maddening ellusiveness of these concepts is central to the works on Failure of Theory, and they appear fully clothed in all their maddness – a collage of experiments in expression.

Go there. Failure of Theory


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