Sports (Mostly Basketball)

Sports, sports, sports…I like sports. Well, I like a couple of sports. Basketball is my game and soccer is becoming more and more appealing as a sport to watch and not just play.

Another aspect of the world of sports that fascinates me is the celebrity focus that both dogs and elevates athletes to levels of scrutiny and heroism out of all proportion to their jobs as players of games.

This is all neither here nor there – just a little introduction before I list some links to articles I’ve written on sports topics on the interwebs:

Is a slow start just what the Miami Heat needed?

The Big & Tall Boston Celtics: Thin in the Middle? 

Will Soccer Catch on in the US?

Why Wilt Chamberlain Is Not Considered the Greatest of All-Time

The NBA’s Most Unbreakable Record

Learning to Love Kobe Bryant


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