Left Alone at Night

           Tall at 6’3”, dark featured, hair uncombed, Tatsuo liked to frighten people at the grocery store. He would turn a corner very quickly and quietly into an aisle and surprise shorter people standing there with peanut butter or pop tarts in their hands.  Jars smashed at their feet. Cartons of eggs. Wine spread like blood over the waxed floor. Never had a single man caused so many calls for “clean up on aisle four”.    

            Schadenfreude was his forte, you could say…

            Not long ago, Tatsuo burst in to Tuba’s living room to announce he had learned to juggle in just one night.

            “Yeah, sure you have,” Max had said sarcastically.

            Max, Tuba’s friend, was sitting on one end of a ragged couch with Tuba’s other friend, Stacy. Tuba had the love seat to himself.

            Stacy said, “No one learns to juggle in one night.”

            “Bring me three eggs and a tomato.”

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